G House

The desire to own a clean, simple, relaxing house that would make the most of the sunshine in all seasons of
the year was the desire of the client. The starting point was a marvellous elongated place between the
vineyards and the oldest part of the old town on the Rhaetian side of the Alps.
The architect Alfredo Vanotti has inserted a simple shape, a rectangular solid, a “inhabited terracing” with the
installed part entirely facing south to obtain the maximum possible privacy and enjoy the garden and the
view of the Orobian Alps.
The building, whose roof is entirely green for a natural and sincere mimesis, delimits the garden and in front
of it has been inserted a harmonious and tuned sculptural volume that contains the infinity pool of 35 meters
that reflects and reflects the landscape and its changing colors amplifying the feeling of tranquility and
Clients wanted a house that interacted with the sun in all seasons, which is why the architect has inserted
and oriented the house so that it can enjoy the sun at all hours of the day and designed an eyelid that allows
you to enjoy the sunshine inside the winter months and avoid it in the summer months, enjoying the shade
and taking advantage of the thermal currents that rise along the slope.
The result is a home integrated into the territory, almost invisible in which you can enjoy the tranquility of the